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Online Casino Power Rankings – An Editorial

October 21st, 2011

In the world of online casino gambling, there is always some debate over what casinos are the best, which ones are slipping, and where players can go to really win some money. In an attempt to categorize the best possible USA online casinos, we have listed what we will call power rankings going into the event.

#1 WinPalace Casino – WinPalace Casino has held strong, and they are still providing some of the highest payouts of any online casino. They have payouts of over 90% on most of their slots, with some reports showing payouts upwards of 98%.

#2 Lucky Red Casino – Though Lucky Red Casino has risen and fallen over the years, they are definitely at a peak. New sign ups are at an all-time high, and players are now able to enjoy benefits from this – most notably bigger jackpots.

#3 Sloto Cash Casino – Sloto Cash definitely deserves a higher place in the power rankings, having recently swapped over to the RTG software. With a solid new bonus, which gives a 500% match to $5,000, Sloto Cash has risen to the top of the charts.

#4 Aladdin’s Gold Casino – With a 200% match on every deposit you make in the first week of play, Aladdin’s Gold Casino has effectively become the #1 destination for your gaming. Even if you only hang around for that week, you will find Aladdin’s Gold to be a solid choice.

#5 Casino Titan – Casino Titan has slipped over the months, but this has not stopped them from bringing their users a handful of impressive games and bonuses. With the addition of bigger jackpots, Casino Titan has decided to offer their players some of the highest payouts imaginable.

These are the top 5 casinos to date. If you are going to play with an online casino, it should be one of these five. They offer the best possible options, and you will not encounter much trouble getting started if you make these choices.

RTG Casino Software Still Flourishing, New Law Threatens Legal Status

June 28th, 2011

Despite the overall attitude against online gambling by the Department of Justice, online casinos have not been targeted. That having been said, the industry is still thriving – particularly the RTG software. More RTG casinos are regularly being added, and we can tell you that new, best USA casinos using this software are always springing up. More importantly, those that already exist are thriving.

Despite how well the casinos are doing, there is one thing that has scared many players. A new bill to regulate poker has emerged, and it has brought in a clause that may make online casinos illegal. Right now, the games are not illegal. They have not been made illegal, so you will be able to participate in the games without having the risk of being jailed, prosecuted or otherwise harmed.

We are not expecting the downfall of the online poker industry to spell doom for the online casino industry, but we feel that it would be completely ironic if such great casinos as Casino Titan or Slots Jungle are made actually illegal by the laws of the land. The bill is H.R. 2366, for 2011, not the earlier sessions, and it is currently making its way through Congress.

No matter what happens, one thing is for certain – the online poker industry may become legal, free to operate, and totally safe. We are actually hoping this bill passes, but we are already e-mailing our senators to make sure that online casinos are not made illegal.

Department of Justice Targets Online Sportsbooks

May 31st, 2011

Online poker rooms were the first to take a hit from the Department of Justice, but the DoJ did not start there. Having kept our eyes on the industry, we saw that online sportsbooks have recently taken a major hit from the U.S. government, with several online sportsbooks recently coming under fire. Several online sportsbooks have fallen – at least temporarily.

Bookmaker, DSI, and BetED were amongst the largest of the sportsbooks to be targeted. The Department of Justice has noted that all of these gambling sites had their main domains seized. Bookmaker and DSI had changed over to brand new domains, while BetED has totally disappeared. Nothing has yet been announced by BetED, so it is still up in the air whether or not players will receive their funds.

Bookmaker and DSI have both set up alternative domains in the mean time, so players can still access their winnings and money. Those who are fearful of future consequences will want to get their money out of their accounts now.

Bodog has changed their domain as well. Thankfully Bodog has not been listed as a target of the Department of Justice, but this has not stopped them from changing their domain. Consider this a preventative measure, a security measure that will keep players totally safe in the event that they continue to gamble through Bodog. has stopped accepting players from the United States entirely, so keep this in mind if you are looking for a place to play.

A few other poker rooms were also taken down in the most recent seizures by the government. Doylesroom is the most significant of the poker rooms to be targeted. The poker room has fallen, and their site has been seized along with several others.

Thankfully, none of the best USA casinos have been attacked by the Department of Justice.

Online Poker Getting the Axe?

April 21st, 2011

The Department of Justice has finally done it – they have finally attacked the online poker world in their fervent crusade. They have shut down Full Tilt, Absolute Poker, and PokerStars, leaving many players left in the lurch.

As of last Friday, the FBI has confiscated the domains owned by these three poker sites. While the online poker rooms suffered significantly, with PokerStars down 24%, Full Tilt down approximately 50% and Absolute Poker down over 50%, these poker rooms have been damaged significantly. The collateral damage, however, was where these sites really suffered. Many players lost out on their income, their livelihood, and what is essentially their job.

Reports from all over the internet have shown that many users are now totally without the ability to earn their keep. Many Internet superstars are now seeking 9-5 jobs, real jobs rather than earning a living from poker.

The biggest complaint most players have had is that they cannot even receive their bankroll. PokerStars, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker have all stated that accounts are frozen and confiscated, and this is why they cannot get their money. The Department of Justice, however, has stated that they have not filed any sort of injunction to block these poker rooms from paying out their players. The Department of Justice is even allowing their sites to relaunch in order to let players process payouts.

While these poker rooms have been tossed out of the American market, we have found that Bodog and Carbon Poker are now picking up some of the market. Though these have never been popular poker sites, but they are still incredibly good. Bodog, for instance, offers a 110% match to $1,100 as their bonus. Part of this bonus even offers players an instant cash infusion. Carbon Poker is also a highly popular gambling site, and we recommend it to our readers looking for a way to continue playing poker in the United States.

The Best USA Casinos have not been impacted at all.

Superior Casino Releases Info Surrounding High Paying Games

January 24th, 2011

According to a blog post by Superior Casino, they have expanded on the number of number of games that are currently paying over 100% of the money they draw in. A total of twelve games are taking in more money than they have been paying out. Several of these are slots, many of the mare the famous Rival Interactive Slot, and there is even a table game and a video poker game paying out enormous winnings.

The highest paying game currently available through the casino is Bust-A-Vault. This game has been providing players with a 114.78% payout rate. This is just above the payout of Western Wildness, which is paying 113.01% of the money drawn in.

The video poker game Double Joker is worth up 109.59% of the money the game is drawing in, making it a substantial winner through the casino. A little luck and the right way of playing can make you very wealthy off of this game. A Switch in Time is no joke, providing 109.42 percent on this high paying slot.

Scary Rich 2, the ever popular slot game used exclusively on the Rival Software, can be played with a 107.23% pay out, as can Surf paradise. Pai Gow poker is just behind it, which has been paying out 104.21% of the money it draws in.

Global Cup Soccer, Best of Luck, Fantastic Fruit, As The Reels Turn 2, and Watch the Birdie are also paying more than they draw in in cash.

Each of these games are readily available through the Superior Casino software, and all new players can participate in these games. A 400% match to $2,000 awaits those who would take their sign up bonus.

Top USA Casino Offering Special Bonuses Through Holiday Week

December 14th, 2010

WinPalace Casino is reputed for offering special bonuses, but the holiday season has brought out the intense generosity of this casino. WinPalace is currently offering a wealth of different bonuses, and they are expected to grow even further going into the holidays.

Currently, WinPalace is offering five special bonus codes in order to aid players in their bankrolls. Three slots bonus codes and two table games bonus codes are being offered by WinPalace.

Slot players who deposit $21 to $89 can receive a bonus of 194% using the coupon code SECRET1. With an investment of $90 to $214, players can enter the bonus code SECRET2 in order to receive a 232% bonus. All deposits above the limit of $215 dollars can receive a 257% match bonus when using the coupon code – you guessed it – SECRET3.

The table games bonus being offered grants players who deposit $21 or more a bonus of 115%, while a deposit of $100 or more is eligible to a 155% match bonus. The bonus codes FIND1 and FIND2 are used in this case.

With the week of the holidays right around the corner, it is likely that players will be subject to some of the largest bonuses of the year.

Legalities Of Online Poker Ban In Washington Explained

November 30th, 2010

Online poker in Washington state has been a hot topic lately, and many people have been wondering about the ban and how the state can make the online poker a felony equal to that of child pornography or arson.

A law suit has even gone as far as to challenge the ban, though it has proven unsuccessful in changing anything. The lawsuit has set groundwork for a change, however, and the Poker players Alliance has even stepped into the fray.

The state’s ability to place a ban on online poker was made possible by the court hearing between iMEGA and a panel of judges. In the hearing, iMEGA challenged the constitutionality of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The panel of judges decided that states would have the right to decide on whether or not to legalize or illegalize online gambling.

Washington State has become one of the first states to actually enforce the ban, while New Jersey is on the way to legalizing and regulating intrastate online gambling.

So far, two of the major poker rooms that accept American residents have pulled out of the Washington market. Full Tilt and PokerStars are no longer available. Lobbyists and the Poker Players Alliance are working toward having the law overturned.

USA Online Sportsbooks Still Stirring Through Busy Season

November 15th, 2010

The combined NFL and NCAA football seasons have always given sportsbooks their busiest times of the year, and we are nearly half way through. Despite being almost half way over, online sportsbooks are still booming.

The bye weeks are almost over, and the action is kicking up through many of the best USA online sports betting sites. Bodog in particular has been offering more lines and better odds throughout the season, and things are beginning to stir up.

The Week 11 odds for the NFL are set to be posted through Bodog, for those who are interested. The spread, money line, and total score of each game can all be bet through Bodog. Live in-game betting can also be achieved on some of these games.

Though Bodog typically offers some of the best odds, what they do not offer is reload bonuses. Intertops is where you will want to go in order to bet with a little extra cash provided by bonuses.

Intertops is currently offering multiple promotions and bonuses to their players. Through Intertops, there are 10% deposit bonuses available on both Tuesday and Thursday. Football bettors are also eligible to win free Super Bowl XLV tickets just by betting. Every dollar wagered on the NFL during the regular season will entitle you to 1 entry into the drawing for these tickets.

Every online sportsbook is getting ready to push through the second half of the season, so no matter where you are betting you should be able to bet on some football. We have some of the best USA sportsbooks, so stick to those if you have yet to open an account with one of our sports betting sites.

Why Bodog Is Still One Of The Best Gambling Sites

October 25th, 2010

If you are an online gambler, then you have definitely heard of Bodog. For over 15 years, Bodog has been an active player in the world of online gambling. Founded in 1994 by Calvin Ayre, Bodog has been around for almost two decades.

To begin, Bodog’s offerings bring us a casino, a poker room AND a sportsbook. This combines the best of all possible worlds into one gambling site. One account can be used to to play through any form of gambling you wish. Though many online gambling sites that combine multiple forms of gambling into one tend to offer subpar services, Bodog has no problem.

To begin, Bodog has a casino that offers their players a full blown gaming experience. Bodog is one of the USA RTG Casinos, which offers players over 80 games, beautiful graphics, and complete stability. Bodog’s 10% unlimited match bonus can even be taken to the games.

Their sportbsook has some of the hottest betting lines on the table, ranging from the major sports to the less common sports. Sports betting through Bodog will also offer you a 10% bonus, but this gives you an unlimited match. This is not something most other USA online sportsbooks can say, so take advantage of it if you can.

Sure, there are larger online poker rooms than that of the poker room through Bodog, but Bodog has one thing that makes it different from others – a very weak player base. Their players are, on the whole, not as good as players from many others. Bodog’s player’s are substantially less talented than those through Full Tilt and PokerStars. Bodog even offers a 110% match bonus on their poker room, which gives a free 10% upfront and a 100% unlockable bonus.

Bodog has some of the highest payouts of any gambling site, and is one of the easiest for USA players. If you stick with Bodog, you will never have to worry about being ripped off or otherwise stolen from.

Betting The Total SCore With Online Sportsbooks

October 19th, 2010

The total score bet, commonly called the over/under, is one of the more fun bets you could take. Regardless of what sport upon which you intend on betting, you should find the total score available. The most common games for total score betting comes through hockey, baseball, and football, so there is a total available to bet on all throughout the year. If you are unfamiliar with this betting process, than listen up – we have a few things to explain.

First and foremost, know that USA online sportsbooks will provide you with a number they feel will be the total score of the game. If the added score of all teams involved are greater than the number they have set, then the “over” has won. If you take the under, then you want the total, added from the final score of all teams involved, to be beneath the predetermined number.

There are many factors to consider when you are taking the over/under bet. Both the offensive and defense capabilities of each team must be looked at in order to determine whether or not you will be taking the over or the under in the best USA sports betting sites. Two defense heavy teams will probably run the under, while an offensive juggernaut will probably lean more toward the over. If you have a team with dominant point scorers, you know where you should place your bet. The greatest difficulty you will have in gauging this wager is when you choose mediocre teams, or teams that fail to perform consistently.

Other forms of information can prove helpful with your total score wagers. Trends are of unbelievable help when you decide to start betting on sports. These trends can show you how the teams have performed against each other in the past and, provided the teams have not changed much, can be relied upon for a decent source of information. Injury reports are one of the most important things you have at your disposal. If a team’s heavy hitting defender or leading hitter is injured, your team may not be blocking as many goals or making as many base hits as they should. As you can see, the variables are nearly limitless.

If you are a hockey fan, know that you have one special form of bet at your disposal – the grand salami. The grand salami is a total for the entire week’s hockey games. This can be a large number or a low number, depending on who is playing who. This is one of the more exciting total score bets, and it sometimes has some special USA sports betting bonuses associated with it.

In short, have fun – that is the basic premise of this form of bet.

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